Let Me Take Control of the Legal Problems Affecting Your Life

After an accident, or after suffering under the weight of harassing debt collectors, it’s easy to feel like life is out of control. It is easy to give in to thoughts of powerlessness, especially if you cannot find the resources to pay steep medical bills or get creditors’ calls to stop.At Daniels Law LLC, I can help you take control. When you retain me, attorney Ron Daniels, you get the benefit of someone who will truly fight for you—an experienced professional who can handle all of the legal issues affecting you, deal with insurance companies and debt collectors, and put things right again.

What I Do and How I Do It

I focus on zealously representing clients facing litigation throughout Georgia state and federal courts. My work includes personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits. I also file lawsuits against creditors that illegally threaten and harass people who allegedly owe them money.I will work tirelessly for you. When you call me for a free initial consultation, I will take the time to sit down and talk with you about your situation. I will answer questions about how the law may affect you. I will help you understand your options and decide on the best course of action.What’s more, I will make sure that you get the care and services you require. If you are hurt, I will focus as much on getting you the right healthcare as I will on resolving your legal case. To properly move forward, you need an attorney and advocate focused on you as a whole, not as a claim or case number.

Take Action When You Feel Out of Control

When you feel like your legal problem is swallowing you whole, talking with a lawyer is the best way to get help. Contact my law firm, Daniels Law LLC, for a free initial consultation about your personal injury or creditor harassment concern. Call 478-227-7331 or contact me online.


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