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A Farewell To Buns: Why Popeyes Is Being Sued Over A Sandwich

Supply and demand is a funny thing. Usually there’s an obvious demand or need for a product and so companies or an individual supplies it. Sometimes the supply is so large companies are ruined by the declining demand with too many options for the consumer. But then, sometimes a supply is oversold and creates a demand larger than the supply and companies suffer. This was the case with Popeyes chicken sandwich.

Elephant in the room….Chick-Fil-A. Their sandwiches are DELICIOUS despite being simply a breaded chicken breast on a bun with a pickle slice but there are many who cannot bring themselves to purchase this deliciousness due to the company’s Christian views and donations to companies that are considered Anti-LGBTQ. So there’s demand for what some refer to as a “hate free” chicken sandwich.

Popeyes was not the first to attempt this, McDonald’s introduced their “Southern Chicken Sandwich” years ago to moderate success. But there’s a big difference between McDonald’s and Popeyes and it’s the reason I’m writing about all of this on a legal blog….BUNS.

Popeyes is a Cajun themed, chicken on the bone, rice and beans place. They’ve got plenty of biscuits laying around, but not as many buns. Locations across the country ran out, some even suggesting customers bring their own buns or bread to the store if they wanted the sandwich. They underestimated the demand, their supply ran out, and now they’re being sued.

Craig Barr, a man from Tennessee is suing Popeyes for $5,000 after the company’s alleged engaged in “false advertising” and “deceptive business practices” caused him to experience “emotional damages and wasted time.” He also claims the company is liable for damage to his car, which was allegedly inflicted by driving back and forth to different restaurant locations while attempting to purchase the sandwich.

Barr, who is representing himself in the case, also said in court documents that he was “hustled out of $25” by a friend of a man who allegedly claimed in a Craigslist advertisement that he worked at a Popeyes location and could get sandwiches the restaurant was hiding. Barr who is an East Ridge Tn. resident, also said he suffered rim and tire damage totaling $1,500 while driving from location to location and was humiliated when his friends laughed at him.

The suit was filed in August, a trial date has now been set for January 8th 2020.

Meanwhile, the sandwich is slated to return. Popeyes’ CEO Guillermo Perales has stated that it would return to 150 locations in early November, yet no release date has been set in stone. There are 2,600 Popeyes locations in the U.S. alone.

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